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CareerDevs TEAM

CareerDevs TEAM

Welcome to my Code Book!  This site is a collection of code snippets and notes I accumulated while I am studying computer science at CareerDevs Computer Science Academy in Providence, RI where I am mentored and nurtured to grow into the best darn nerd I can be!

Most of the content in this notebook comes from youtube videos, web sites and tutorials, and I admit that I am a fan of learning from others.  I give credit where credit is due, and rarely take credit for myself, except when I have interpreted these concepts, internalized them, and made them my own, through my own insight and understanding.  Disclaimer: this notebook is for my own personal use and I am not promoting it publicly, although it likely will get indexed by search engines.  It is the responsibility of the respective copyright holders to notify me that they do not want me to use their material for my personal edification.

Here’s a list of some of the languages, frameworks and technologies I’ve been learning about and implementing in several of my projects:

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